Unconventional Methods: Using a Rosin Press

If you’re looking for unconventional ways to lose weight, there are plenty of guides on the internet. One of the latest I’ve heard is called the ketogenic diet in which you don’t eat any carbs. That’s right, no carbs at all. How many of you could do that? Anyways, instead, you eat mostly protein and fats, the carbs can only come from fruits and vegetables. This puts your body in a state of ketosis which supposedly gives you more energy, whilst helping you lose weight.

Then there’s the method of eating nothing but junk food to lose weight. Seriously. Sounds good right?

There was a teacher recently who did an experiment in one of his nutrition classes where he ate nothing but junk food and still lost weight. How is this possible? All he did was calculate how many calories he needed to eat daily to lose weight, then he calculated the calories of his junk food and made sure to eat less than the calorie limit he said. Who would’ve known?

All of this sounds like conflicting information doesn’t it?

The next one is also pretty crazy. When you think of pot, you tend to think that potheads are lazy, sitting on the couch and eating a bunch of food because they have the munchies. I’m not the only one who think so! Well apparently you can lose weight with pot. Sounds counter intuitive but marijuana has a lot of positive components in it that help stimulate your appetite and provide your body with needed essential fats that actually promote weight loss. When you think fats, don’t think they make you fat. Buying low fat foods is actually worse than the full fat foods because fat is healthy for us, whilst low fat foods tend to replace fat with artificial sugars which do the damage. Or worse, hydrogenated vegetable oils. Absolutely terrible for you.

If you don’t want to be stoned all day then don’t worry, there’s something called a rosin press machine. If you can find a rosin press for sale, somewhere online, this thing will squish the plant matter and extract the oils from it. Then all you need to do is put it in a smoothie, preferably a green one to keep the theme, and you get all of the health benefits!

How’s that for crazy alternatives?