Losing Weight in 1 Month

As one of the most raved about weight loss products currently on the market, I must admit that I was caught up by the hype surrounding Fat Loss Factor. Being overweight for years, I’ve reached a point where I have tried them all and none of the new releases interests me anymore. However, after reading several literatures regarding the product and reading plenty of very good feedbacks from satisfied customers, I caved in and tried it.

The Genius behind Fat Loss Factor

Behind every good product is a brilliant creator. In the case of Fat Loss Factor, it is Dr. Charles Livingstone, a wellness expert, chiropractic physician, and a highly reputed nutritionist. His credibility as a nutritionist brought some peace of mind on my part. It is easier to follow the instructions of someone who has a solid background on good nutrition and wellness. Using his knowledge on various fields, he came up with a system that is proven to bring impressive results.

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Fat Loss Factor at a Glance

While most weight loss programs focus on either the workouts or the diet, the Fat Loss Factor considers both in a comprehensive 12-week plan that is easy to follow and with specific instructions. This is a better plan than sweating it out all week at the gym, or starving my self with fad diets that just make me crave more.

The Method

The first part of the Fat Loss Factor focuses on detoxification or providing a clean slate so that the body can absorb nutrients better and respond to the program better. The second part is all about eating specific foods that boost the metabolism. The latter part incorporates the workout to support the diet.

What Makes FLF Unique?


How to lose weight fast?

The Fat Loss Factor is unique in a way that it tackles some of the issues that act as obstacles in losing weight such as binge eating and indulging on snacks late in the evening. Habits like these are not easy to eliminate, but with Fat Loss Factor, a person learns how to fight the cravings and the urge to eat more than is necessary. The outside factors such as the people around us who are not very supportive of our efforts can’t be ignored while on a weight loss program. With FLF, a person learns focus and will be motivated to push through the program until desired results are obtained. Another secret to the success of the Fat Loss Factor are the delicious recipes incorporated in the program. With this, a person who likes to lose weight won’t have to put up with bland meals and foods that leave him hungry. The recipes are delicious and are easy to follow. You need not be a professional chef to prepare your meals.

The Fat Loss Factor is comprehensive and is a step by step guide that will help you from Day One. The first few weeks involve the introduction of the healthier kind of foods such as veggies, nuts, and fruits. A concept called the Lemonade Diet is also a part of the program, which is suggested to be followed for 3 days. During the first few weeks, the person needs not worry about the workout phase. All he needs to do is to concentrate on eating right.

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During the 3rd week, physical activity is introduced. This is a gradual phase that starts with mentally motivating programs such as Yoga and Thai Chi. Gradual increase in physical activity ensures that the body is warmed up properly and is more than ready for more strenuous workouts.

With so many fad diets and weight loss programs, it is easy to think that the Fat Loss Factor is a scam. With the results I am getting, I am totally floored. I have never seen my body look this good. This is the only thing that has worked for me.

Advantages of FLF

The Fat Loss Factor is one of the best weight loss programs ever created. First of all, it speeds up metabolism and provides the body with more energy. Next, the program is easy to follow and boasts a detailed workout routine. There’s a detailed recipe book with great tasting dishes that you can prepare very easily. There’s even a grocery list prepared so shopping becomes a breeze. The program guarantees a healthier body and weight loss like you’ve never seen before.

What’s included?

When I purchased the kit, I got a lot of stuffs—a whole pack of weight loss arsenal.

Aside from the e-book which discusses the entire FLF program, I got some workout plans, Master Cleanse Videos, and FooJoo Software. An exercise log is also included in the kit, as well as a goal setting guide to keep me motivated. There are 15 minute workouts, easy to follow recipes, a grocery list, and measurement forms for the stats. Email updates are sent to me on a regular basis. Most of all, there’s a 60 day money back guarantee, which I did not avail of because I am immensely satisfied with the results.

Setbacks (Cons)

Generally, the program was very easy for me to follow, except for the Lemonade Diet. It was a struggle at first because it was new for me. But after the 3 day phase, everything was smooth-sailing.

What I love? (Pros)

The greatest pro is the weight loss. I lost about 15 pounds during the program. This more than anything is what I am most happy about. Another is the fact that I am motivated to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

The 12-week duration also worked to my advantage because it allowed my body to adjust to the diet and the workouts. I think in the long run, that made it more effective. Despite the weight loss, I feel extremely healthy and energetic. That’s double points for me.

All the things that are included in the kit such as the grocery list and the recipes are extremely helpful. They made things a lot easier. The money back guarantee also gave me a peace of mind.

The Verdict

I love this program. Personally, I have a short attention span when it comes to weight loss, but this kept me motivated. The recipes are great and made a better cook out of me. In addition, the workouts are pretty intense yet aren’t a torture to perform. After the program, my body is considerably lighter, healthier, and better looking. FLF is amazing.